[Samba] Samba / Windows server 2003 SP1 conflict

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Mon Sep 19 22:18:25 GMT 2005

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 05:47:44PM -0400, Timothy A. Holmes wrote:
> Hi Folks:
> It seems that there is a problem with samba and Server 2003 SP1.  When
> SP1 Installs, samba stops authenticating in ADS mode, and causes
> considerable heartburn.  The research that I have found (dated April of
> this year) seems to indicate that it is a problem with samba
> communicating with the Kerbros server using a protocol called schannel
> (I hope im getting this straight, Our domain controller crashed, and I
> have lost my history to go back to the sources that I found).
> Is there a work around other than not using SP1,  I seem to remember
> that one of the sources that I saw indicated a command to be included in
> the smb.conf file, but I cannot find it readily.  Can someone please
> enlighten me as to how to get this working???

client schannel = no

will stop winbindd using schannel. This has been fixed in 3.0.20.


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