[Samba] Windows printing qeue with Samba and Cups

2005 at leini.net 2005 at leini.net
Mon Sep 19 16:24:05 GMT 2005


I got a problem with a small office network.  There's a laser printer
installed on the server and is distributed to the lan with samba and
I can print without errors, but the printing qeue displayed on the
windows client gets bigger and bigger.
The printing jobs which are already completed stay in the list.
There is no status shown in this list.

Has any one had a similar problem and knows a solution?
Maybe some wrong permissions on the linux server?
where is this list stored?

Thanks for your answers!

Greetz Leini

p.s. Server runs Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 with the latest samba and
cups version from redhat
Client run Windows XP Pro SP2

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