[Samba] File access rights on a NFS share: please help !

Sabrina Lautier slautier at amadeus.com
Mon Sep 19 15:03:34 GMT 2005


As I didn't get any answer, I'm posting my question again.
Sorry to insist but I'm very embarrassed...

I'm having troubles with access rights on files located on a NFS server
(Solaris 8).
The client  machine is a Linux SuSe E9.0 and the samba suite version is
samba-3.0.20, directly installed from a Linux package.

The users connect to the Linux server without any Pb using their MS Windows
account through Winbind+Kerberos.
They belong to the right Windows groups but the file/dir access rights only
work on local/SAN volumes.

toto at lnxsrv$ id -a
uid=16783675(NCEDOM\toto) gid=16777217(NCEDOM\domain users)
groups=16777217(NCEDOM\domain users),16777328(NCEDOM\dev-iis)

toto at lnxsrv$ cd /nfs_share
toto at lnxsrv$ ls -ls
0 drwxrwx---  2 root NCEDOM\dev-iis   80 2005-09-07 14:16 iis
toto at lnxsrv$ cd iis
-bash: cd: iis: Permission denied

As you can see toto's primary group is NCEDOM\domain users but he also
belongs to group NCEDOM\dev-iis.
Yet directory iis belongs to group NCEDOM\dev-iis.
But this work fine on a local FS.

Any idea about how to solve this Pb: compilation option or winbind
configuration maybe ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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