[Samba] XP Profile write ok, no read.

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Mon Sep 19 14:42:56 GMT 2005

    <snip> reading a four mega byte profile takes a long time </snip>
> >
> > When you analyze the network traffic, are packets retransmitted over
> > and over  or is there a delay between each packet?
> >
> > Tcpdump and Ethereal are our friends.
> >
> Geert,
> very cool your trying to help me,

I think we own you that, we see you contributing often on this ML

> but this is nog a performance issue.
> The problem is rights, i know this for sure.
> the problem is reading the profile of u user.
> Writing the profile is ok, users are just not able to read the
> profile. ( and user is in this case of course the xp computer )
> when this happens, a default profile is used and they have a temperary
> profile.

Getting a temporary profile is new information in this thread.

> i just want to know why im able to WRITE to the profile directories
> without problems, and im unable to READ ( copy profile, at logon ) to the
> pc.

I have reread the original posting: there are two PCs involved.

What is the difference between the two (client) computers?
Use they both the same Domain Name Server?
                       WINS?  Master browser?

Check also the IP configuration, especial netmask and broadcast address.
I lost once much time on a subnetmask issue.
The client couldn't find the server due different broadcast addresses.
That could explain

 Error code 1332 :
   No mapping between account names and security IDs was done. 
 Error code 1355 :
   The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.

from the original posting.

I hope that helps, because the next step would scare me:

Verifying that the XP computer _is_ part the domain.

> Louis

Geert Stappers

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