[Samba] any known issue with printing from MS Access ?

Roger Eisenecher roger.eisenecher at icer.ch
Sun Sep 18 13:38:21 GMT 2005

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter schrieb:
> Roger Eisenecher wrote:
> |>>>can You please test the following:
> |>>>a) many networked printers installed, samba/cups is not default printer
> |>>>b) only one samba/cups printer is installed and it is default
> |>>>I observe problems only in "b)" case.
> |>>>Windows XP SP2 + MS Access 2003 (office 2003 sp1), both windows and
> |>>>office are russian.
> |>>>MS Access in case "b)" do not print and do not work with so called
> |>>>"print preview".
> |
> | It is exactly like you described, but we are using a german versions of
> | Windows XP and Access (both with latest patches).
> |
> | It looks like a bug...
> MS Access is known to have issues with certain drivers
> if they have not been initialized on the server properly.

Okey. Whats then the right way to initialize the drivers on the server?

I installed the printer drivers through the wizard on the server as
mentioned in the manuals about samba. Then I set up the standard values
for the printer driver on the server. So I thought that so the drivers
are correctly initialised. But I also saw that the clients do not honor
this settings...

kindly regards
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