[Samba] Linux clients with a Samba server

Russ Button russ at button.com
Sat Sep 17 15:09:04 GMT 2005

I've got a Samba server running Redhat 9.0 with what I believe
to be version 2.2.7a?  The rpm is:


My client is running Fedora Core 3 with whatever the standard
Samba client there is which comes with FC3.   I am automounting
from the server via Samba instead of NFS.  I've got something
weird going on with NFS which I've not been able to figure out
and just decided to go Samba instead.  Generally it seems to
work much better.

That being said, I've got one problem with my Samba services
which I didn't expect.  The way I've got it setup, it seems to be
mangling user permissions!  Egad!  What can I do about it?
I want to see the normal permissions I'm used to seeing under
NFS.  I want to be able to chmod things just as I always did
under NFS.

I want Samba to be a better NFS.



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