[Samba] winbind working... nis maps?

Ken Nakamura knakamur at tripwire.com
Fri Sep 16 22:07:13 GMT 2005

Hello Samba list!


I'm looking for quick verification that this will not work:


I already have a Gentoo workstation authenticating to a Windows ADS.  I
can log in with my DOMAIN+username and it takes the domain password and
maps my uid into the proper range and all that good stuff.  Samba is rad
like that.


However, I have a grip of various unix systems, and rather than spend
the effort getting openldap, krb5, and samba installed and configured on
all the hosts, I thought it would be cool if I could generate a NIS map
and use that.  It seems the basic structure of NIS authentication does
not allow this.


Please tell me I'm wrong, that you've done this, and that you'll send me
your relevant config files.  I don't think it will work but hey...




p.s. if you have another idea for my "slacker sso" plan, i'd love to
hear it.

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