[Samba] Failed to verify incoming ticket

Brian D. McGrew brian at visionpro.com
Fri Sep 16 20:59:54 GMT 2005

Good day all!

I've got four samba servers up and running perfectly and I went to add a
fifth box using the exact same steps and operating system but ran into a

I can't map a drive by name (\\Mustang\Support) but I can go by IP
(\\\Support).  I found a snipped posting that said try the IP
and it worked.

In my logs when I try and go by hostname I see the errors "Failed to
verify incoming ticket".

I guess I missed something in the setup but I've been back through it
several times.  What am I doing wrong, how do I fix this?


Brian D. McGrew { brian at visionpro.com || brian at doubledimension.com }
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