[Samba] help with 3.0.20 admin users=

James Mauser jmauser at fau.edu
Fri Sep 16 21:02:18 GMT 2005

Hey all,

 Can anyone help with a problem since upgrading from samba 3.0.14 to 3.0.20
I have a problem from a share.  If the admin users = is added it seems to be


Before with 3.0.14 the share was defined like this 



        comment = Dr. Cai, Graphics

        path = /home/meugrads/cai_hw

        valid users= @cai_hw1

        admin users = fau\caig

        public = no

        writeable = yes

        browsable = no

        directory mask = 0700

        create mode = 0700


This setup  allow students in the group @cai_hw1 access to the share and
then each directory below that was owned by the particular student so other
students could do nothing except in their own directory.

Since the professor was listed as admin user  he could get into any
directory to grade the homework etc.

** Please note he was NOT listed in the  valid users group (he was not in
@cai_hw1 /etc/netgroup)



However since upgrading to 3.0.20 with the same conf file the professor is
no longer able to get to the share, it gives permission denied.


So I added him to the /etc/netgroup file and he can now get accees to the
share but gets access denied when going into one of the student directories.


Can anyone tell me how admin users and valid users works in the new version,
I am not sure if this is a bug or if I neglected to do something.



Thanks for your help



James Mauser

Computer Coordinator 

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Florida Atlantic University



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