[Samba] USRMGR group problems

Eric A. Hall ehall at ehsco.com
Fri Sep 16 20:37:59 GMT 2005

I'm having some odd problems with USRMGR and Samba group accounts.

USRMGR seems to work fine for user accounts, and it also correctly
displays the list of group objects (these are all stored in LDAP btw).
This can be seen in http://www.ehsco.com/misc/samba/umgr-main.gif

Two of the groups can be managed while the other two cannot. For example,
http://www.ehsco.com/misc/samba/umgr-admins.gif shows that the "Admins"
group can be opened but http://www.ehsco.com/misc/samba/umgr-users.gif
shows that the "Users" group cannot ("The group name could not be found").
Similarly, the "LM Hosts" group can be opened but the "Nobody" group
cannot. All of these groups DO show up in various places (like security
dialogs, and in the USRMGR list obviously) but they can't be viewed for
editing in USRMGR.

Separately, some groups don't show up in the user settings. For example,
http://www.ehsco.com/misc/samba/umgr-root.gif shows the group options for
the "root" account. Note that the "LM Hosts" and "Nobody" groups show in
the candidate groups, but the "Admins" and "Users" groups do not (despite
the fact that "Admins" is one of the groups that can be opened for editing
as described above).

The groups appear to be properly defined in LDAP. I've recreated them just
to be sure ("LM Hosts" is a new group I created for initial testing and it
shows up fine so I thought I'd recreate the others but that didn't help),
and have also manually rebuilt my LDAP indexes. "net groupmap list" shows
all of them and their correct mappings.

This really has me flummoxed. Any ideas? What am I missing?

Eric A. Hall                                        http://www.ehsco.com/
Internet Core Protocols          http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/coreprot/

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