[Samba] visitor access to folders and files on Samba

Bill Groves bctgroves at occ.cccd.edu
Thu Sep 15 18:31:26 GMT 2005

> I have a small office here at the college. there are three xp computers 
> and a samba server.
> I apparently have set up the smb.conf file correctly as all of us can 
> access each ones folders and files.
> From time to time I have students and visiting "fireman" drop by and 
> ask for information.
> What lines of code would I put into smb.conf to allow any visiting 
> student or "fireman" to acess the info that I want them to have from the 
> 2 secretaries machines?
> I have made some attempts on my own, but have not had any success. My 
> Linux skills are pretty much limited to a desktop setup, and the Samba 
> box is running Redhat 8.0.
> Any pointers you can send along would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Prof. Wiliam Groves
Orange Coast College

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