[Samba] Delay to join a domain successfully

Lapin(c) lapin at linagora.com
Thu Sep 15 14:54:10 GMT 2005

Hi team,

I'm running samba 3.0.4 on AIX 4.3.3 and HP-UX 11.00 without any problems
except the following :
On HP-UX 11.00, when I try to join a machine to a domain, it first insert
all POSIX entries in the LDAP backend but rejects the junction. The
machine account could not be found. Waiting for a while and relaunching
the join command, the junction just works fine.

Having exactly the same configuration on AIX, the junction works perfectly

I tried to investigate around ldapclientd.rc which is present on HP-UX
exclusively but there is no improvment even reducing cache parameters
(size and TTL).

Has anyone faced this behaviour ?

Many thanks for your help.

The attachment is a loglevel 10 on server side.

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