[Samba] incorrect shared access to the file - samba oplock bug?

Jablonovsky Alexander sasha at cit-saratov.ru
Thu Sep 15 11:31:49 GMT 2005

I have tried to read a file from a Windows machine, at time this file 
being written from a Linux machine with Samba (constantly reading 
constantly growing file) and got a strange behavior. After reading some 
number of bytes ReadFile() starts to return 0 bytes read (EOF). Seeking 
and even closing/reopening the file doesn't help - only the old snapshot 
of the file can be read. Touching the file from other program like 
Explorer has effect - Windows refreshes the file to it's current state.

The file is opening from Windows as follow:
	CreateFile(file_name, GENERIC_READ, FILE_SHARE_WRITE,			   	 
Samba v. 2.2.7a, Linux kernel v. 2.4.20, oplock parameters - default.
The effect is same in Windows 98 and XP.

Please help!

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