[Samba] LDAP - Can't add machine

Michael Christian mchristianjr at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 13:45:16 GMT 2005

Mchristianjr at nbhandy.com
<https://lists.samba.org/mailman/listinfo/samba> schrieb:
>* Ok, I'm pretty much following the book Samba 3 by Example and I've run into
*>* a few problems.
*>* I can't add a machine account:
*>* # net rpc join -U Administrator%SECRET
*>* Create of workstation account failed
*>* Unable to join domain HANDY_AUTH.
Have you added the privileges:

net rpc rights "HANDY_AUTH\Administrator" \
SeMachineAccountPrivilege \
-U Administrator%SECRET

for the whole group:

net rpc rights "HANDY_AUTH\Domain Admins" \
SeMachineAccountPrivilege \
-U Administrator%SECRET

(Docu available in the online samba-howto)

>* If I try root:
*>* # net rpc join -U root%SECRET
*>* Could not connect to server PRIMARY
*>* The username or password was not correct.
*>* When I try smbpasswd -a root, I end up getting an error:
*>* # smbpasswd -a root
*>* New SMB password:
*>* Retype new SMB password:
*>* ldapsam_add_sam_account: SID 'S-1-5-21-1529261333-2934293496-63313958-1000'
*>* already in the base, with samba attributes
*>* Failed to add entry for user root.
*>* Failed to modify password entry for user root
Maybe related to the problem below:

>* Additionally, I also run into the following:
*>* # net groupmap list
*>* [2005/09/14 19:44:47, 0] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_setsamgrent(2458)
*>*   ldapsam_setsamgrent: LDAP search failed: Size limit exceeded
*>* [2005/09/14 19:44:47, 0] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_enum_group_mapping(2523)
*>*   ldapsam_enum_group_mapping: Unable to open passdb
Check your LDAP server settings in ldap.conf if they match those in smb.conf

>* I seem to get this Size Limit eror in several places, on of which is the
*>* web based LAM utility when clicking on the 'Groups' tab.
*>* So somewhere along the way I've screwed up, and after trying from scratch
*>* several times I'm getting a little frustrated at the wasted time.  Is there
*>* a list of steps I can take to diagnose and resolve this issue?
Google was my friend ;-)



Thanks Thomas, but I'm running Samba 3.0.10 on rhel - I think the 'net rpc 
rights' command isn't available. I'm pretty much at a total lodss as to how 
to fix this...

Michael S. Christian Jr.

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