[Samba] LDAP - Can't add machine

Mchristianjr at nbhandy.com Mchristianjr at nbhandy.com
Thu Sep 15 00:07:56 GMT 2005

Ok, I'm pretty much following the book Samba 3 by Example and I've run into
a few problems.

I can't add a machine account:
# net rpc join -U Administrator%SECRET
Create of workstation account failed
Unable to join domain HANDY_AUTH.

If I try root:
# net rpc join -U root%SECRET
Could not connect to server PRIMARY
The username or password was not correct.

When I try smbpasswd -a root, I end up getting an error:
# smbpasswd -a root
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:
ldapsam_add_sam_account: SID 'S-1-5-21-1529261333-2934293496-63313958-1000'
already in the base, with samba attributes
Failed to add entry for user root.
Failed to modify password entry for user root

Additionally, I also run into the following:
# net groupmap list
[2005/09/14 19:44:47, 0] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_setsamgrent(2458)
  ldapsam_setsamgrent: LDAP search failed: Size limit exceeded
[2005/09/14 19:44:47, 0] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_enum_group_mapping(2523)
  ldapsam_enum_group_mapping: Unable to open passdb

I seem to get this Size Limit eror in several places, on of which is the
web based LAM utility when clicking on the 'Groups' tab.

So somewhere along the way I've screwed up, and after trying from scratch
several times I'm getting a little frustrated at the wasted time.  Is there
a list of steps I can take to diagnose and resolve this issue?

Any help or insight would be very much appreciated!

Michael Christian Jr.

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