[Samba] File owning and rights problems

UNIREA Sannicolau Mare credsantm1 at rdslink.ro
Wed Sep 14 06:05:09 GMT 2005

I use protocol manager on a boot diskete to map a network drive share which
is shared by a samba server. (i.e net use i: \\server\d)
I give a username and a password which exists in /etc/samba/smbpasswd (i.e
user name: user1 and password: passwd1) but when I create and/or edit a
file, it changes the ownership to that file to owner user: dobody and group
owner: nobody. Also the rights are changed from -rwxrwxrwx to -rwx-r--r--
In conclusion: even if a duply a valid username and password, the server
logs me in as nobody... and I don't want ownership and rights to be

What can I do?
Thanx for your help!

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