[Samba] Building a new machine

linux starved linuxstarved at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 18:10:24 GMT 2005

We recently suffered a server loss, during the power an unforgiving power 
outage. I built a new machine, copied over all information contained in the 
home directory, and also copied shadow, shadow passwd, groups, passwd.

I was able to set the permissions and ownership they way it was on the old 
server, and everything looked well. However when I asked the users to log 
in, they couldn't. Is there a file I should have copied over, that would 
"trick" these machines into thinking they were authenticating to the old 
samba server?

We are running debian sarge on the 2.6.8 kernel and samba version 3.0.14a-3. 
All help is appreciated, thank you in advance.

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