[Samba] verify smbpasswd run as root when user changes?

Moondance Foxmarnick calabash at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 12 03:57:54 GMT 2005

Is smbpasswd run as root or local when an XP Pro domain client tries to 
change password?
System Fedora Core 4/SeLinuxSecurity disabled
SAMBA  3.0.20 PDC unix password sync=yes passwd backend smbpasswd
Problem - Users logged into XP pro cannot change password
When a user tries to change their password they get the error message: 
"You do not have permission to change your password". However - the 
Linux password is changed and the SAMBA password is not.
logging in to Fedora as root and invoking passwd and smbpasswd for the 
user returns no errors
su 'username' and repeating the process (with good password given) 
passwd - okay smbpasswd - "machine rejected the password 
change: "Error was: RAP86: The specified password is invalid." The only 
difference if you use a bad password - passwd won't allow the change 
So my conclusion thus far is that passwd is being invoked as root but 
smbpasswd is being invoked as the logged in user and refuses the 
password change.
However, I have no idea what to do now and I cannot set unix passwd sync 
= no (even though that "fixes" it) - Please help

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