[Samba] Error 1326 Connecting from Windows XP

Cynthia Jeness CJeness at bellsouth.net
Sun Sep 11 16:45:20 GMT 2005

Thank-you.   This solved my immediate problem under both Linux and 
Windows.   As I said in my post, I am working my way through the 
documentation and got stuck on the section that had you test the 
installation (Chapter 1 page 5-6).    This section did not address the 
encryption problem which will obviously show up when anyone tries to 
test their installation under Windows.   It did list some common 
problems but not encryption.     This is not meant to be a criticism; I 
greatly appreciate the effort that has been put into all aspects of the 
Samba project.

Cindy Jeness

Mogens Kjaer wrote:

> Cynthia Jeness wrote:
> ...
>>    encrypt passwords = yes
> ...
>> Also, with encryption on, my test from the Linux client also fails.
>> Several other points.   I do have a user account on the my Samba 
>> server (fragbox) with the user name cj and the password pippin. 
> You must add the password to the smbpasswd file (as root)
> on the server:
> smbpasswd -a cj
> Mogens

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