[Samba] SuSE 9.3 samba binaries FUBAR??

david rankin drankin at cox-internet.com
Sat Sep 10 19:50:39 GMT 2005

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From: "John H Terpstra" <jht at samba.org>
> David,
> What is the source of your samba RPM packages? Did you obtain the correct 
> one
> for each SuSE Linux platform? The binary files are very specific to each
> release and can not be installed across releases. With each SuSE Linux
> release come later generation libraries. Samba will be linked with the
> version of those libraries on the machine on which it has been compiled.
> You can obtain Samba packages that were built for SuSE 9.3 from:
> ftp://ftp.primastasys.com/pub/Samba-Packages/
> The i586 packages are in the directory SuSE93i586, the 64-bit packages for 
> Athalon 64, AMD Opteron 64, Xeon systems are in the directory, 
> SuSE93x86_64.
> The packages available there are from SVN build 9663 (post 3.0.20 
> release).
> - John T.


    I got the binaries from


I'll dl the primastasys packages and see if there are any differences. 

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