[Samba] Nitrobit problems

Josh Kelley josh at jbc.edu
Thu Sep 8 20:18:16 GMT 2005

I'm having some problems with Nitrobit Group Policy that appear to be
Samba-related.  (Nitrobit is a software product that lets you use
AD-style Group Policies on a Samba domain.  It stores your policies in a
Samba share then processes them at startup just as an AD GPO would be
processed.)  I've run into numerous failures with various portions of
the GPs over the last few days, and the problems seem to have started
after I upgraded from Samba 3.0.14a to 3.0.20.

One particular problem is that a GP that was assigned to a particular
machine account (via the machine account's SID) is applied when the
profiles share is on a Samba 3.0.14a server but is not applied when the
share is on a 3.0.20 server.  I took network traces of each, but I don't
see any obvious differences.  (I'm not really familiar enough with SMB
to know what I'm looking for.)

Any suggestions on how I can go about tracking this down?  (I'm assuming
this is more likely a Samba problem rather than a Nitrobit problem - if
I should go to Nitrobit instead, let me know.)

I'm also seeing what seem to be locking problems.  On both 3.0.14a and
3.0.20, the policy files used by Nitrobit remain locked according to
smbstatus even after Nitrobit is done with them and even after the
computer running Nitrobit reboots.  Is this likely a client (Nitrobit or
Windows?) bug or a server (Samba) bug?  Any suggestions on how to track
it down?


Josh Kelley
Computer Services
Johnson Bible College

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