[Samba] Samba 3.0.15

Pierre Dinh-van pierre at qsdf.org
Thu Sep 8 15:23:22 GMT 2005

Le Jeudi 8 Septembre 2005 16:31, Sigrid villagomez a écrit :
> Do you know if Samba 3.0.15 was built for AIX?
> If so, where can i find it?

Samba 3.0.15 doesn't exist :

"What happened to 3.0.15 - 3.0.19?

After some discussion it was deemed that the amount of changes 
going into the next Samba 3.0 release needed something to catch
people's attention.  Skipping several releases was chosen as 
the best solution with the least overhead.  There will be no
3.0.15 - 3.0.19 ever released.  The next production release
following 3.0.20 should be 3.0.21."

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