[Samba] Problems using Samba with Accuzip

ColorTech Printing colortech at sigecom.net
Thu Sep 8 14:43:38 GMT 2005


My name is Jon and I work for Color Tech Printing & Mailing LLC. Recently we have installed the new SCO server which came with Samba v. 2.2.6 and we ran into a situation where a program that we use constantly had to be updated but would not. To fix this issue, I did a system restore to a point when we didnt' have Samba and I was able to update Accuzip. However, we had to have someone come in and set up Samba again. My question is, does Samba change something in the hh.exe file that maybe Accuzip doesn't like and if so is there anyway of getting around this. Also, I was wondering if you have ever had any compatibility issue with Accuzip in the past and if you could let me know what and how to fix them if you do. I asked Accuzip first since their program wouldn't initialize and they said that they have never heard of Samba. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we have to use Accuzip. Thanks and I'll hear from you then.

Jon Rauck
ColorTech Printing & Mailing LLC
(812) 423-1000   ext. 238

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