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Thanks for all the answers. So my assumption was correct that there is no
limitation or patent violation. 

After reading all these performance numbers I would like to ask if someone
would be willing to share their hardware information for any installation
with more then 10.000 concurrent users having their home drive and their
project drive on the samba server? 

Are there any installations out there or should we go for 2 servers with a
limit of 7.000 users per samba server?

Our servers have a single 2.8Ghz processor with 4GB memory running Debian
3.0. Can we leverage these servers or should we go for a multi CPU machine
with more memory? 

Does a multi CPU mainboard help at all? 

For the backend we are thinking of a fibre channel JBOD which is already in
place for our SQL and Exchange servers.

So my current problem is that we have to get rid of our old NT4 machines.
One server vendor offers HP WSS server and tells us that 15.000 concurrent
users are no problem at all on a 2 CPU machine with 8GB of memory. Really?

On the other side a company called Network Appliance want to offer us a NAS
head. I haven't seen any pricing yet but they asked me if these 15.000 users
are concurrent or streaming?

In addition HP and Network appliance told me that they can offer MMC plugins
for the NAS heads. Does samba provide any kind of MMC plugin?

My assumption: Every user having his windows profile on the server will have
a session open. Each CIFS session does not imply to be a stream. They can be
idle or they can be streaming. If many of them stream simultaneously then
they are concurrent users. Right?

I really appreciate all the responses here. They help me a lot. I am now in
the difficult situation to have to find the best and as usual the cheapest
solution for our management. 

I like the samba approach but I have to create a matrix now between all
these solutions. Currently I am a little bit lost but I will try my best

P.S.: If all my questions are too heavy for this dlist please tell me. I am
just trying to solve my problem. Any guidance is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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I need some help please. I have been told from an administrator that Samba
does only support up to 3.000 concurrent CIFS connections and each
connections reserve 5MB of memory. 


If this is true that I would need 15GB of memory to support 3.000 concurrent
CIFS sessions how many people have this amount of memory in any server? 


The second argument which he used was and I quote him now:


"Approaches that increase the Samba architectural limit are judged to be in
violation of Microsoft patents and therefore cannot be implemented"


I think this guy is not telling the truth and due to this I am asking this
question over here. I hope that I write to the right dlist. So I would like
to know the following please:


-          What is the maximum limit for concurrent CIFS connections?

-          Does Samba really reserve 5MB per CIFS connection? 

-          Is there really a patent of Microsoft for 3.000 CIFS connections?
If yes, what is the solution for more users?


I need this information because my company is considering implementing Samba
to replace Microsoft NT4 servers and to do a server consolidation. But my
company has 7.000 users in the first location and 5.000 users in the second
location. If we want to place all home directories for all users on one
Samba server I would clearly get a problem if the restrictions above apply.


Any guidance would be appreciated. 


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,



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