[Samba] multi-domain authentication

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Thu Sep 8 06:34:51 GMT 2005

David F. Newman wrote:
> Can samba be used with security = server to authenticate a user in a domain 
> other than what the samba server is in?
> i.e. The samba server is set to workgroup NA and I have a user called EU\joe 
> that is trying to access a share but it seems it is checking the password 
> against NA\joe.  I have a username map of
> joe		EU\joe
i think you have to establish a trust between DOM NA and DOM EU - for 
this to work you have to deal with winbindd, too.

mapping won't be sufficient until your users (joe & EU\joe) have the 
same passwords


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