[Samba] Users Privileges

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Thu Sep 8 06:32:19 GMT 2005

> There is no replication of privileges in the current
> code.  You can simply rsync the account_pol.tdb between
> machines though.

thx jerry for pointing this out
just another question:

let's assume i have PDC samba v3.0.20 and DOMMEMBER samba v3.0.14
i want to be able to take ownership of files on DOMMEMBER
where do i have to set SeTakeOwnerShip Priv? if it's only on DOMMEMBER i 
think i have to update to 3.0.20 - if it's only on PDC, will DOMMEMBER 
try to get the information about privileges from PDC?

enable privileges = yes

has to be enabled on both servers, right?


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