[Samba] network printer not working

py pyjunk at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 8 02:52:38 GMT 2005


I'm trying to setup network printing for my winXP machine using samba. 
My hp920c printer is connected to a FreeBSD4.11 box. The printer works 
locally and samba can share directory just fine. However, I am getting 
the worst possible error -- no error, but nothing gets printed

It seems like samba can recognize the printer just fine. It shows up as 
a network printer that is ready(Earlier on I had some access deny error 
that went away after adding guest account). When I try to print, 
everything seems to go through on the windows side. But nothing happens 
at the printer.

I check the printer log file defined in printcap and it's not getting 
any new entry.

any idea?

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