[Samba] Samba + Kerberos

Ric Tibbetts ric.tibbetts at ngc.com
Wed Sep 7 14:28:50 GMT 2005

I have a situation that I'm not sure can be done (I honestly don't know 
enough about Samba for this one).

Here's what I have.

The customer has a Windows ADS (note: It's the newer windows ADS, so 
there is no NT Domain as in the old NT format).
There are also a number of *nix servers (AIX) that have data on them.

They want to use Samba as basically, an NFS server to serve out shares 
to the users on their PCs.
BUT... They use a "CryptoCard" (Kerberos) password encryption on the AIX 
boxes. They want Samba to prompt for Kerberos passwords before allowing 
the connection.

Is this even possible?
If so, I need some serious help getting it all set up.

Also: Their current Samba servers are running Samba 2.2.8a (sans 
kerberos). They want to be able to migrate the user base over to the 
Samba 3.0.x installation. I tried "net .. vampire ..." but got nothing. 
I could use some advice with that too.

Any, and all advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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