[Samba] Users Privileges

Bruno Guerreiro bruno.guerreiro at ine.pt
Wed Sep 7 12:03:24 GMT 2005

Hi all, 
I'm trying to understand the user privileges implementation, and i've
stumbled in to a question.

My scenario.
Samba + LDAP in central office acting as PDC
8 Samba + LDAP(replica) servers in 8 offices over a WAN acting as BDC's.
Every office has a local Sysadmin.
Also there are some technical guys who can add machines to the domain.
If I understood well, the technical guys must have
I remember reading somewhere that rights are set in a "by DC basis".
Are they?

So here are my questions:

If I set this rights at the local BDC, will they be replicated?
If I set at the PDC will they be replicated?
If not, is there any way to achieve it? Maybe storing permissions in the

Thanks for any information on this subject.

Bruno Guerreiro

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