[Samba] "the request is not supported"

Anthony Schneider anthony at x-anthony.com
Tue Sep 6 16:51:15 GMT 2005


suddenly, a windows 2003 server cannot map *any* samba shares of varying
versions and platforms.  i have found a number of cries for help regarding
this problem online, but no answers.  does anyone have any suggestions?

windows 2003 server standard edition service pack 1
freebsd 6.0-current smbd v 3.0.14a
solaris 8 space smbd v2.0.7

all other windows systems on our network can map these shares successfully,
including other win2003 server machines.

thanks for any insight.

p.s.  if there is a more appropriate list for me to post to, please direct
me there, and apologies for the extra noise.
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