[Samba] Date Mismatch

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Tue Sep 6 21:50:30 GMT 2005

Danny Paul wrote:

> I've had a series of files get created in user profiles with a mtime of Dec
> 13, 1901 14:45. 'stat -c %Y' reports -2147483648.
> This is not a filesystem problem, fscheck is clean as a whistle, this must
> be a SAMBA issue. I suspect that whatever problem causes the
> misrepresentation in date is also what causes the date to be wrong in the
> first place.

Which application or which program is creating files with an empty mtime?
Do you using xcopy bei any chance? A user of samba 3.15.pre2 has the 
same problem with a mapped network drive using xcopy to copy files from 
an novell server to the mapped drive. If the copying user is not the 
owner of a directory with already existing files and 'dos filemode = no' 
for the share, xcopy failes with 'access denied' while changing the 
mtime for the directory containing the files.

der tom

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