[Samba] Data migration using net rpc share migrate

Guenther Deschner gd at samba.org
Tue Sep 6 10:25:30 GMT 2005


On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 05:04:04PM +0100, Gibbs, Simon wrote:
> Hi,
> I¹m in the process of testing out the net rpc share migrate data migration
> tool but keep running into an error message when using the --acl option.
> I¹m testing using the following command:
> net rpc share migrate files -S --acls --attrs --timestamps -v -U
> "gibbss" 
> but get with this error for each file in the share:
> [2005/09/05 16:50:02, 0] utils/net_rpc_printer.c:net_copy_fileattr(384)
>   could not set secdesc on \WinAXE_Plus_v7\xwpdllid.dll:
> could not copy file \WinAXE_Plus_v7\xwpdllid.dll: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
> Each file copies OK and the timestamp is correct but none of the ACL¹s are
> there.
> ACL/xattrs mount options have already been added to the filesystem and I can
> use setfacl/getfacl so can¹t see a problem with ACL support and the share is
> on a PC logged in with the user account specified so all the files are owned
> by that account. I guess this must be a permission problem somewhere but
> can¹t think what it may be.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction?

this can happen because of:

- smbd not being built with acl-support (verify by setting ACLs manually using

- a chown failing due to the fact that the owner of that particular file on is a group (and not a user) *and* that the share you are
  copying to on samba has not set the "force unknown acl user" option. If this file is
  owned by a group then set "force unknown acl user = yes" on the samba

- the user "gibbs" cannot set ACLs to files inside that directory due to
  permissions. You could increase the samba log level to find out where it

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