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John Mazza maz at maznets.com
Mon Sep 5 06:18:58 GMT 2005


The "clock skew" issue means that your machine's time is set incorrectly.  
This issue is easily corrected by running Network Time Protocol (ntpd).  
Edit your /etc/ntpd.conf file, and set the time server to be your existing
Win2K box's IP address.  See "man ntpd.conf" for info on the syntax of the file.

A "quick fix" that you can try is run the "ntptime" command to do a one-shot
time synchronization.  Use "ntptime [Win2K IP]".  Note that any clock drift
on the two hosts will eventually cause the time to get out of sync, so you will
be better served using a normal NTP daemon instead over the long term.

I would further tweak the ISA server and create a rule allowing unauthenticated
transparent access for the SAMBA machine's IP address to the outside for the 
protocols of interest to you.  This may not be required once the clock skew
issue is resolved.

On Mon, 5 Sep 2005 11:25:44 +0700, Anri wrote:

>Dear All,
>I'm a new member of this listing. And also a new user of LINUX, I tried
>the SuSe Linux and wanted to do a simple task of joining my existing
>Windows 2000 Domain. I've tried to change the SMB.conf file, also do
>some changes to use winbind etc, but even though I have retrieved all my
>AD Users, I cant get my machine to login using any of my AD account.
>Every time I tried to logon it keeps telling me that xsession: login for
>DOMAIN\User is disable. When I tried to test the KBS system, and type
>Kinit username at domain.com I received an error msg Clock skew too big.
>Another problem is I'm trying to use my proxy for internet using my ISA
>Server proxy but keep on getting error to initialize since none of the
>password is accepted. I'm just trying to connect a client to be able to
>do some of the most basic task, like typing document, making
>spreadsheet, printing, internet connecting and email retrieving, but
>still to no avail. I hope somebody out there can help me!! Thanks in
>advanced guys.
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