[Samba] Re: SID problems...

paul kölle paul at subsignal.org
Sun Sep 4 11:31:04 GMT 2005

Felipe wrote:
> unfortunately, this is the problem.. when I change the domain name and
> I need to do that some times... but even when I change the domain name
> and the SID is changed too, I can't replace its new SID performing net
> setlocalsid command with the SID that I was using before.
> What I need is to, whatever I do, keep my SID. No matter what I have
> to do except for repopulate the ldap database.
"net getlocalsid" will return a SID assoziated with your $"netbios name"
parameter. Whenever you change your $"workgroup name" in smb.conf, samba
will generate a new sambaDomain enty in LDAP (granted you have
sufficient rights for adding the entry) whose SID will match the one
from $"netbios name". "net getlocalsid" takes $"workgroup name" as an
optional parameter so you can check if your SIDs match. If they match,
everything SHOULD work.


PS: I say SHOULD, because the above is derived from fooling around with
samba, not reading the source.

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