[Samba] client doesn't read logon script

Joachim Kieferle joakie at fab.fh-wiesbaden.de
Sun Sep 4 07:21:32 GMT 2005

Claus Duckstein wrote:

>Everything's configured fine - but since I made some updates, the client-PC don't ever attempt to read the logon script,
>although they get the HOME-share mapped to drive H:. When I log on as admin, I am able to start the logon script manually
>and it works fine.
>Where is the bug??

Dear Claus,

- did you try "testparm" to see if all parameters are fine?
- is "domain master" and "domain logons" set to yes in smb.conf?
- is the "logon path" correct and readable for everybody?
- is "logon script" correct (obviously according to what you wrote)?



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