[Samba] multi domains (not two way trust)

John Halfpenny jhalfpenny at excite.com
Fri Sep 2 11:47:29 GMT 2005


i've recently installed samba 3.0.20 from source, and have it connecting successfully to our windows 2003 network in ads mode. i have tested the folder permissions and everything works fine, no password prompts, just like a win box with a file share. 

the latest samba release also seems to stop spamming our logs with pre authentication errors! whoo hoo!

the only problem i now have is that we have a second domain which doesn't trust our first domain. ordinarily, we can give users from that domain access to folders on our first domain.

so, dom1 trusts dom2.

dom2 doesn't trust dom1.

on samba, even though i specify both domains in the krb5.conf file, i can't seem to give access to file shares to users from dom2. 

anyone have any pointers on what i should be looking at to achieve this? i had wondered about the possibility of launching two winbind processes, one for each domain.



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