[Samba] More Info: Mac permission problems after Debian update

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Fri Sep 2 06:26:04 GMT 2005


you mean the problem, that OSX clients are manipulating rights on the 

M$ is still investigating. we've had a lot of trouble with them. we 
could not always follow their comments, they wanted dozens of network 
traffic snapshots (always the same by the way). after that they were 
able to reproduce this even with excel, which works fine here. currently 
so they told us, they're in contact with apple. for M$ it seems to be a 
problem on the client (mac) side.

i've no hope for solving this problem ever. currently we are using cron 
scripts to adjust the rights.


mark jonckheere wrote:
> Michael,
> Got any solutions to this.  We are confronted with the same problem only
> SUSE 9.x ,Samba , W200 workstations.  Only few of them have this problem.
> (exactly as how you describe it).
> Mark

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