[Samba]SOLVED - idmap_rid / roaming profile permissions / NTAUTHORITY\SYSTEM

Stefanos Karasavvidis sk at isc.tuc.gr
Thu Sep 1 15:44:07 GMT 2005

My roaming profiles did not work. No error message whatsoever.
How could anyone imagine that the case sensitivity was the problem??!!
And it did write the changed profile data back to the server. It just 
did not load them back again...

And I have also to note some other annoyances I encountered (that lead 
me to the solution):
- auto completion from windows console sometimes worked, and sometimes 
did not work (although the file names were typed with correct case)
- issuing cd from windows console to a directory with wrong case, 
sometimes worked and sometimes did not work!! Of course in the cases it 
did work, issuing a dir command resulted in an error.

By the way. The hole thing began because the server was set up as a file 
server for linux home directories (so the explicit case setting). The 
windows home directories came up later.


Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 11:27:19AM +0300, Stefanos Karasavvidis wrote:
>>I solved the problem with my roaming profiles by just changing from
>>case sensitive = yes
>>case sensitive = auto
>>in smb.conf!!!
>>No permissions change, no nothing.
> Not suprising.... Windows clients are *not* case sensitive (in case
> you hadn't noticed). Don't mess with the "case" parameters unless
> you know exactly what you're doing.
> Jeremy.

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