[Samba] samba banner string

Edson Capitani edson at direito.up.pt
Thu Sep 1 19:42:23 GMT 2005

Hi list! 


I need your expertise. 


How do I do to rid of the banner  "SAMBA 3.0.14a  on debian on sarge


I can see that when I use the M$ server tools and I've tried to rewrite the
string but when I click "ok" the string still the same, what I mean is that
no matter what I write there it doesn't change. 


I use JXplorer to navigate throw my ldap directory  but  the string is from
samba and not from ldap so I can't see the string in ldap.


By the way I would like to say thanks to Joachim for the kixtart logon tip,
It is working like charm now. 


Thank you all advance. 


Edson Capitani.


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