[Samba] File Monitoring on samba server

Arun Sharma arunain at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 11:19:27 GMT 2005



I have spent long time on research on How to manage or monitor files 
which are opened by users in Samba sever
IS this concept is implemented in Samba .

My Working environment.
   Fedora core 4
   Samba verson 3.0.20

My requirement is to check or monitor actions which is occuring in samba 
 Actions are:
  a) Files currently accesed in samba server by all users.
  b) Files which are currenly opened in samba server.
  c) What are the files which are opened by specified user.
  d) If needed then how can i logout/cut a connection of specified user .

I am trying with the below command it does'nt give me proper output.

To list all files which are opened in server .
[root at fedora-4 ~]# net rpc file -U administrator%password -S

Enumerating open files on remote server:

FileId  Opened by            Perms  Locks  Path
------  ---------            -----  -----  ----
0       \PIPE\samr           0x35   0      dummy user

Can some body help me out.?

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