[Samba] another user "disappeared"...

j.enevoldsen at wlonk.com j.enevoldsen at wlonk.com
Fri Oct 28 21:45:57 GMT 2005

Follow-up to my last post--

This time I'm the one unable to log on.

The only recent change I've made to the system is that I finally got an rsync
backup system working (yesterday). I have a script (that runs rsync to back up
to another Fedora machine on the network) in the cron.daily folder. It appeared
to work properly last night...

Both the "disappeared" student and I were able to log on successfully earlier
this morning (after the backup had run). Then, later, we weren't.

I don't understand how these could be related, but the timing is suspicious. The
lab has been working fine since I got it all worked out in eary September.

If someone has the time to help me through this, the enlightenment would be
gratefully received!

Julie Enevoldsen
Tilden School

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