[Samba] unicode/control characters displaying as ? with cifsfs

henry j. mason hmason at dbsinet.com
Mon Oct 31 18:31:43 GMT 2005

	greeting samba.general;

	i am trying to set up a backup server to archive files from
	a windows 2000 fileserver, and i can't seem to get filenames
	containing non-ascii characters to appear correctly on the
	linux box.

	my windows server:
	windows 2000 service pack 4

	my linux server:
	debian 3.1
	kernel with these options:
	# CONFIG_CIFS_STATS is not set
	# CONFIG_CIFS_XATTR is not set
	samba 3.0.14a-3

	my mount command looks like this:
mount -t cifs //YCS1610-767/Jobs /mnt/prinergy/jobs/ -o username=imageserver,password=xxx

	listing a typical directory:
admin at mpi-images:~$ ls "/mnt/prinergy/jobs/ System 5 Bearer Bars/"
57686e_f.srd  Icon?  System 5 bottom bearer.ai6  System 5 top bearer.ai6

	when i try to copy the "Icon?" file, it will fail with:
admin at mpi-images:~$ cp "/mnt/prinergy/jobs/ System 5 Bearer Bars/Icon?" /tmp
cp: cannot stat `/mnt/prinergy/jobs/ System 5 Bearer Bars/Icon?': No such file or directory

	obviously this is a problem. according to what i can find online,
	cifsfs is supposed to handle unicode correctly, yet it doesn't seem
	to be working. fwiw the same mount command using "mount -f smbfs"
	exhibits the same behaviour.

	any suggestions?


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