[Samba] Domain groups with spaces in their names

Jeremy jnysen-samba at triaptic.com.au
Mon Oct 31 05:15:36 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

>>>I have a Samba file server which I have successfully joined to a domian
>>>controlled by a Windows 2003 domian controller. I cannot get the server to
>>>allow access to users who are members of a group with spaces in its name.
>>I have the same problem with Samba version 3.20b. What is interesting is
>>that groups with spaces in the name work through Winbind (ie. apache
>>with mod_auth_pam), but don't work from within Samba (ie. the smb.conf
>>file).  Is this currently being resolved, and/or is there a work around?
>>>valid users = "@spaced users"
>Should be valid users = +"DOMAIN\spaced users"
>The key is that domain users and groups have to be fully qualified.
I've tested with every variation of syntax ie. &, + and @, DOMAIN\, 
domain\, Domain\, etc. Things work consistently when I change the the 
group name to "group_name" or "DOMAIN\group_name". But, when I use 
either with a space in the name I get authentication errors (smbd only). 
The log files list the correct  fully qualified domain group name and 
the user name, but then say that the member does not belong to that group.

The reason I've posted here is that winbindd (using PAM and Apache) 
seems to be fine with the spaces in the name.

I'm using
realm = fqdn.domainname.com
workgroup = DOMAINNAME
winbind use default domain = yes

If you need more detailed logs, please let me know. BTW this is with a 
Windows 2003 Active Directory domain controller.


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