[Samba] printing from windows via smb print server

Debbie Schiel debbie at redeemer.qld.edu.au
Sun Oct 30 01:44:24 GMT 2005

Here's the image:

Hi and thanks Gary & John for your replies.

I've attached an image which might help describe our setup better. My main
problem is that I can't attach the laser printer to our PDC ('frederick' the
file server - we've got samba running very nicely on that one) because 
it is in
the admin block - no student access.

The printer is currently attached to a winXP PC in the computer room, and is
shared and accessible from all the RLPS workgroup student computers.

What I want to do is control students' print usage and I thought the best way
was to replace the winXP box with a fedora/cups/samba combination (box B from
previous email) - have that server then join the RLPS domain as a 
member server
(rather than master/controller) and then assign a quota for the printer.

Your help by the way is very much appreciated - please tell me if I'm going
about this the wrong way.

John - the diagrams in your SambaByExample pdf - with a member server 
our setup
would look like the one in chapter 4, only we don't have 500 users (we 
have 200
users using +/- 50 PCs). In chapter 2 the diagram shows the printers linked to
the network; our printer doesn't have a network cable, it's attached 
via usb to
the winXP PC. Is that an issue?

Also, I got stuck here (chapter 2) "All printers will be configured as DHCP
clients. The DHCP server will assign the printer a fixed IP address by way of
its Ethernet interface (MAC) address. See Example 2.3.2."  I don't think our
DHCP server is aware of the printer attached to the winXP box.

Quoting Gary Dale <garydale at torfree.net>:
> I'm a little uncertain about your question. You say you used the GUI. 
> Is this a Fedora thing or the Gnome or KDE tool? In any case, did you 
> tell it that you are using CUPS?
It's a Fedora thing under /usr/bin/printconf-gui. I selected 'locally 
and the test page prints ok. So I know the printer works from the linux box.

> assume is the case, does CUPS have permission to use use /var/spool/samba?

> Finally, I note in my samba config that I've got lines like:
>  printing = cups
>  printcap name = cups
> I think your printcap name is the default for bsd printing. Again, 
> you can use SWAT for sharing printers.

I'll give that a go. I spent the whole of yesterday and this morning on this
and, as I'm also a teacher, I think I had better spend some time today doing
what I'm supposed to be doing, i.e. preparing lesson plans and students'

Thanks again,


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