[Samba] printing from windows via smb print server

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Sat Oct 29 11:27:12 GMT 2005

I'm a little uncertain about your question. You say you used the GUI. Is 
this a Fedora thing or the Gnome or KDE tool? In any case, did you tell 
it that you are using CUPS?

I'm also a little uncertain about your setup. It doesn't look like 
you've joined the Domain that your PDC is controlling.  If your server 
is not a member of the domain, I'm not sure if the authentication will 
work. SWAT has a nice wizard for joining a domain.

Another concern is the permissions on /var/spool/samba. I use CUPS for 
printing but since you are back with Windows 98, Samba makes some sense. 
However, if Samba is using the local CUPS server, which I'd assume is 
the case, does CUPS have permission to use use /var/spool/samba?

Finally, I note in my samba config that I've got lines like:
  printing = cups
  printcap name = cups
I think your printcap name is the default for bsd printing. Again, you 
can use SWAT for sharing printers.

Debbie Schiel wrote:

>Hi All,
>I have two boxes running samba 3 on fedora2.
>Box A is the primary domain controller & smb file server and we (a primary
>school in QLD, Australia) can login from our windows 98 machines with samba
>verifying usernames & passwords.
>This week I've been trying to setup Box B as a print server (and eventually
>limit students' printing sprees). I've connected the HPLazerJet1000 printer and
>can print to it using cups from box B, and the printer is also 'shared' (I used
>the GUI).
>Then using webmin I added HPLaser as a share and I could see it in a windows
>browser but couldn't access it. I want to print from box B but usernames &
>passwords are on box A. So just to test I used a username from box B and it
>connects but doesn't print.
>I've done a lot of reading and googling, testing and trying, and this is my last
>resort - can anyone point me in the right direction?
>How do you send usernames & passwords to the samba pdc from another samba
>server? Here is my smb.conf ..... (and 'frederick' is Box A, pdc)
>	dns proxy = No
>	log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
>	cups options = raw
>	netbios name = PRINTSERVER
>	server string = Print Server
>	password server = frederick
>	default = HPLaser
>	local master = No
>	workgroup = RLPS
>	printcap name = /etc/printcap
>	security = server
>	preferred master = no
>	printer = HPprinter
>	printable = yes
>	writeable = yes
>	printer driver = foo2zjs
>	path = /var/spool/samba
>	printer name = HPprinter
>	comment = All Printers
>Best regards,

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