[Samba] Fax modems and Samba

David Maier dave at bardacious.com
Sat Oct 29 07:56:31 GMT 2005

I am running an FC 2 server with Samba 3.0.10.  It is serving files and 
is PDC for several WinXp workstations.  There is now a demand to be able 
to fax from the WinXP workstations, and I'm trying to figure the best 
way to set up a modem pool on the server and make them available to the 
workstations.  Is that best handled as some kind of resource share 
through Samba?  How would that be configured?  I haven't found any 
documentation about that.

If not Samba, is there another Linux program that would make server 
modems available to WinXP workstations?

Thanks for your help.

Dave Maier

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