[Samba] Debian Binary Packages from samba.org

Simo Sorce idra at samba.org
Fri Oct 28 20:47:13 GMT 2005

I'm reshaping Binary_Packages/Debian directory to allow us to release
binary packages for both Woody and Sarge.

You may expect some problems downloading our debs, while I try out the
new trees.

The good news are that there you will find samba 3.0.20b packages for
Woody and Sarge as soon as our mirrors get in sync.

I must thank Debian Samba maintainers, Eloy and Steve, for their work on
Debian packaging from which I derive the samba.org packages.

I will shortly update the debian packaging directories in the main SVN
tree too (up to unstable).

Any suggestion is very welcome, feel free to write me, or keep me in Cc
as I often miss samba at samba.org threads.


Simo Sorce    -  idra at samba.org
Samba Team    -  http://www.samba.org
Italian Site  -  http://samba.xsec.it

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