[Samba] Newbie question about security

Martyn D. Wheeler martyn_wheeler at myrealbox.com
Fri Oct 28 20:20:58 GMT 2005

Dear Samba users,

I have just set up a home network consisting of two XP computers and a linux
box running FC4.  The linux box is currently acting as my webserver.  The
whole network lies behind a router (belkin) with a hardware firewall and
each of the computers are running software firewalls.  OK all is well and
everything works.  I wish to use my XP pc to edit files on the linux
webserver, so i figured that samba was the right option.  I have it set up
and can access my files on the webserver.  I am just concerned about
security.  On the XP machines we do not use a password to login so I have
had to set the samba password to no characters in order to access the samba
share.  Since the only machines on the local network are trustworthy (ie I
control them and only me and my wife have direct console access) IS THIS A
SAFE SITUATION, can anyone get to my samba share from outside the local
network?  I have restricted access to the IP addresses of my two loacl
machines on a 192.168.2. type network.

The only two ports that are specifically open to my linux box from the
outside world are 80 for the webserver and 22 for ssh access.

Any ideas suggestions are appreciated.

Can I use a password to access my samba share without having to use a
password in windows???


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