[Samba] can i change the pwd bby parameter with pdbedit?

Jonas Jochum jj at archit.uni-karlsruhe.de
Fri Oct 28 15:58:13 GMT 2005

Am Friday 28 October 2005 17:40 schrieb Rodrigo De la Pena:
> i need to change the password of my users using an script, not by
> prompt, but y tried the pdbedit and smbpasswd commands and didn't work,
> they prompt for password, is there a flag or something to set the
> password in the command to avoid the prompt? i read man pages of these
> commands and there are nothing to do what i need.

jj at dreckspatz:~$ smbpasswd -h
When run by root:
    smbpasswd [options] [username]
    smbpasswd [options]

  -L                   local mode (must be first option)
  -h                   print this usage message
  -s                   use stdin for password prompt

^^^^ that's the option you want to use...

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