[Samba] Re: can smbmount access paths in shares?

Michael Barnes mbarnes at hcjb.org
Fri Oct 28 15:16:23 GMT 2005

Let me see if I understand this right.  You have a Windows box with a 
share of (for example) D:\home\media.  You have gone to the D:\home 
folder and selected full sharing.  However, from your Linux box, you 
don't want to mount D:\home, you want to mount D:\home\media and not 
have the contents of D:\home visible.  You can only use smbmount to 
mount folders that are listed as a share.  Subfolders do not inherit the 
sharability (?) of the parent.  Hence, you must set each folder you want 
to mount as a share unto itself.  You do not have to set anything above 
that folder as a share.  So, if you go into the properties of 
D:\home\media and set the media folder to full share, you may then use 
smbmount //servername/media /mnt/media/server/ to mount the media folder.

At least if I understand things right, this is how it works, at least it 
has for me.  If I am wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me.


Magnus Holmgren told me on 10/28/2005 09:52:
> Bill Kearney skrev:
>>Can a linux machine running samba mount a pathname within a share into a
>>local path?  I'm runing samba-3.0.20b-1 on a centos 4.1 (rhel4) box.
>>I've tried this and it fails:
>>smbmount //servername/home/media /mnt/media/server/ -o
>>The error is:
>>8465: tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnosuchshare (You specified an invalid
>>share name)
>>When I omit the last portion of the service path it works just fine:
>>smbmount //servername/home /mnt/media/server/ -o
>>Trouble is, I don't want to mout the 'root' of the share, I want to mount a
>>subdirectory within it.
>>On a w2k box this syntax works fine:  'net use m: \\server\home\media' and
>>it properly mounts the path as the m: drive.  I do recall that win9x boxes
>>could not mount subdirectories of shares.  Is samba likewise crippled?
>>So what gives here?  Can smbmount not mount from a pathname within a
>>service?  Or am I missing the n necessary magical command line incantation?
> Late reply, but anyway:
> What you *can* is the following:
> smbmount //servername/home /tmp/foo -o username=myuser,password=mypass
> mount --bind /tmp/foo/media /mnt/media/server
> umount /tmp/foo
> Or at least it works for me, at least with CIFS mounts.

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